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    How To Order

    1. Search for a Cover Page design that you like: Personalised Diaries
    2. Open the page for the Cover Page design.
    3. Locate the Tabs on the right of the cover page picture (for a desktop) or underneath the cover page picture (on a mobile).
    4. Enter/select your diary details in the tabs:
      1. In the Diary Type tab, select the type of diary you would like. The FAQ has details on the diary types.
      2. In the Size / Colour tab, select the Diary Size and Colour options. The FAQ has details on what is included with each diary type.
      3. In the Owner Details tab, select the Teacher Name. The Class Name, School Name and Stickers Name fields are optional.
      4. In the Region / Year tab, select the Region and Year. If your Region doesn't exist in the list, please get in contact with us.
      5. In the Term Title Page / Quote tab, select the Title Title page. The Quote is optional.
        Term Title Pages
        Inspirational Quotes
      6. In the Weekly Plan tab, select a Weekly Plan from the list. The 'Team & Communications Meetings' and 'Full Year' extras are optional. 
        Weekly Plans
      7. In the Extras tab, select which of the optional extras you would like in your diary.
    5. Ensure you have added/selected a value for the Teacher Name, Region and Term Title Page.
    6. Once these details have been added, click the 'Add to Cart' button.
    7. You can add as many diaries to the cart as you like.
    8. From the cart you can edit a teacher diary by clicking the Edit button under the Teacher Diary details.
    9. Once the Cart is ready to go, click the Checkout button. You will need to click the checkbox to agree with the terms of service.
    10. In the Checkout process, enter the details for your shipping and billing address, shipping and payment.
    11. Once the order is complete it will be added to our system and we'll start working on it as soon as the payment has cleared

    Please get in Contact Us if you have any questions. You can also catch up with us directly using the online Chat feature.